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Information Poster und Leinwand
75 x 50 cm 12,55 €*
120 x 90 cm 31,95 €*
DIN A4 1,95 €*
DIN A5 1,95 €*
30 x 20 cm 2,85 €*
80 x 60 cm 9,95 €*
90 x 60 cm 11,95 €*
70 x 52,5 cm 14,55 €*
100 x 70 cm 23,95 €*
120 x 80 cm 37,95 €*
150 x 100 cm 49,95 €*
180 x 135 cm 79,95 €*
200 x 150 cm 92,95 €*
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eigenes Bild hochladen 3. Upload pictures
*=Price includes 19% VAT

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General order references
Pictures formats / dimensions of picture area
Resolution and color models of the pictures
The basket
Delivery/Supplier countries
Shipping costs
Safety references
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Assistance with the order
General order references - Thus the order functions:

On our website you can upload and print your own pictures in your favourite material and format. At first select the desired material. A change of material is generally possible over the multi colour riders or over the selection box. Then you can start with the Upload of a picture.

1. Select Material and Format
Select the desired material on the left side in the EasyUpload. Additionally you can select a format. You find an extended selection of formats in the selection list "more Formats". If you cannot find your favoured format, please contact us! , in Contact
Hilfe Format waehlen
Hilfe Durchsuchen 2. Select image
Click on scanning and select the picture on your computer
3. Upload Pictures
Click on "Upload" the image data transfer will be processed and your image file will be placed in the basket. The Upload process can take a few seconds or minutes. Please, don´t cancel this process!!
Upload starten

So you arrive now into the Basket and you can work on individual options. If you liked to order more pictures, please select the EasyUpload's help on the left side.

As soon as you transferred all pictures, click on "to the cash"
Here you can enter your address. Select with payment means between the following procedures:

- Debit (only possible of a German or Austrian bank account)
The invoice amount is drawn in comfortably by your account and the order is handed over immediately to production.

- Credit card
The invoice amount is drawn by your credit card and the order is handed over immediately to production.

- Transfer
You transfer the invoice amount to our account (that is in the order confirmation, we will send you to your email account after the checkout). As soon as the money was received in our bank acount, the order will be handed to the production.

Finally you must still the General Traiding Condition and the data protection regulation accept and click on "checkout". You receive an order confirmation by email.

Offered materials:

  • canvas
  • high gloss poster
  • poster (silk finish)
  • self adhesive poster silk

Processable display formats

The following display formats are processed:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PCX
  • PDF (einseitig)
  • PNG
  • TIF(F)

Normally your digital camera produces these formats. The file size must not exceed 40 MB.
Should your images be different file format or larger , please contact us auf.

It´s possible work your image by email or CD-ROM. Please, send us your CD to our contact address:

qTrade GmbH
Gutedelstr. 13
79418 Schliengen

Width-to-Height Ratio (proportion of the image) and resolution:

Width-to-Height Ratio:
Our printers are not headed for in the Adobe RGB color area.

  • Please, send your pictures in the RGB resolution. The resolution of your picture is specifies and defines up to which size the poster can be printed.
    In principle is valid:
    the more pixels their picture has, so much the better is the printed poster quality. However:
    Large sized poster usually from next proximity are not regarded; therefore is valid: For a optimum result, your image should be aimed at minimum 100 DPI (dots per inch). The larger the poster format the higher the image´s resolution should be.
    Your format will be automatic check and will show you with traffic light-star system.
    The indicated stars stand for the print quality:
    Thats means:

    • = not sufficient print quality
    • = sufficient print quality
    • = satisfying print quality
    • = good print quality
    • = very good print quality

  • For a optimum canvas result, your image should be aimed at minimum 80 DPI (dots per inch).

Important! With the examination of the print quality only the file size is at the basis; against are not judged it the sharpness and the exposure of your upload picture.


All image, that you uploaded, will be sended in Basket, and you can work on individual options. With each change the graphic data are again computed and the quality is again computed. The following changes can make it:
  • Material
    It is possible change in the basket a poster order into a canvas order.
  • Format
    Each format can be stopped for a available material.
  • Option cut
    Frequently the display formats in ratio aspect (picture proportions) do not correspond to the desired poster formats. You can get the exact poster format. Here you can select, if your image should be fitted to the favoured poster size

    Fitting: Your image will be scaled down and printed until it fits the poster size. This selection makes sense, if you want to have your image printed completely.

    Option cut: you can get the exact poster size. That means, you keep your desired format accurate! One side will be expanded to that size, the other will be cut accordingly. You should select this option, if you have a frame and the poster size must be correct (frameworks given). Please bear in mind that parts of your motive will be missing on 2 sides.
  • Effect:
    We offer as picture effect a black/white to print.
  • Quantity:
    Order your poster in arbitrary number.
  • Copy image:
    A second uploading is not necessary, becouse every uploaded picture can be ordered in one or several other formats.
  • Delete image:
    If you selected a image and you are not agree, you can delete it here from the basket.
  • Refresh:
    These buttons conveys its changes in the Warenkorb to our server, if it Javascipt did not activate.
Delivery/Supplier countries
We delivery to the following countries. This list is constantly extended.
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Danmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
Shipping fees
You can know the detailierte list of forwarding expenses under Delivery Important, the minimum purchase order value it´s
89,94 € forwarding expenses are void!

We offer as payment:
  • Transfer
    After the checkout you receive a email with all payment-relevant data. As soon as the money was received in our bank acount, the order will be handed to the production and than send to you.
  • Credit Card
    Pay by credit card. All account, credit card and number information go exclusively through our secured server (SSL).
    After your order was received, we produce your poster/canvases. This is the fastest kind of order.
    We accept VISA, Mastercard.!

Please, consider for this our sides under Data protection Declaration

  • Transport damage
    We take the greatest possible care with processing and delivery. However, should any delivered item be damaged, please click Contact and comunicate your problem.
  • Differences in colour
    Can be possible minor differences in colour between poster and original imagen. Important info, you can find hier:
    For the calibration of brightness, resolution or others, the limited colour space of the printer may be relevant in this case.
    For black/white-print are worked by a different colours. We perform a constant quality control whit the printers calibration. Can always slight undertones may occur.
  • Resolution
    If the original image does not possess sufficient resolution, the large poster can appear 'grainy' on closer check. The smaller poster size would improve the poster´s quality.